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Tohatsu 6hp outboard, sail pro, lightest 6hp outboard, sailboat engine

Tohatsu MFS 6

Models available:

MFS6DD S/L £1,116.00
MFS6DS S S/L £1,206.00

MFS6DS L Sail Pro £1,314.00
MFS6DS UL Sail Pro £1,350.00

MFS6 : 6hp 4-stroke outboard

Models available:
MFS6DD S : 4STR Short Shaft, Integral Tank
MFS6DD L : 4STR Long Shaft, Integral Tank
MFS6DS S : 4STR Short Shaft, Separate Tank
MFS6DS L : 4STR Long Shaft, Separate Tank

MFS6DS L Sail Pro : 4STR Long Shaft, Separate Tank, Battery Charging , High Thrust Prop

MFS6DS UL Sail Pro : 4STR  Ultra Long Shaft, Separate Tank, Battery Charging , High Thrust Prop

Light and compact!
Front mounted shift lever
Trim tab reduces steering effort, functioning also as the sacrificial anode that protects the engine from electrolysis
Greatly reduced vibration for smooth and stable running at all speeds
Greatly reduced induction noise for a quieter ride
Ultra-low emission, EU and CARB 3-Star rating approved
7 Year limited warranty