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2nd hand outboards for sale, please call to see what outboards currently have in, All outboards are quality used outboards that come with a minimum of 3 month warranty and are used but not abused. 

All outboards we sell have been fully serviced, / overhauled and rigorously tested, if they do not meet the standard they are fixed or scrapped, no outboard will have substandard parts or non standard modifications that are outside manufacturers guidance.

We rarely sell any outboard on that is more that 20 years old unless we have either rebuilt it or we know its history,  20 years can be a long time of abuse and neglect and although it may look ok on the outside it may be corroded, blocked, seized, and worn on the important expensive bits.  We see many customers with the opening line "I've just won this on Ebay" and many times the unit is beyond economic repair - if you are new to boating then you do not want to be frustrated with lost days with unreliable engines and plenty of wasted money.


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